Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mercy Johnson Sighted! Looking all Haggard (More Pics Inside)

Pickin wey say him mama no go sleep, himself no go close eyes. That is the sayings of our Elders. Mercy Johnson was sighted recently (this month) at the
naming ceremony of Chico Ejiro's new baby boy. The girl was looking Haggard, even her face looked burnt or patched up that Amebor-Anjelar have to scream out loud. Is this the same Hot sexy looking Mercy Johnson? I understand say some of the pics wey public see all the time are mostly Photo-shopped but still this Mercy of a girl no look bad in real life.

 After all people don see her so many times for movies playing many different parts and she never look this bad. Even the picture of her cutting her hair for the last movie role, she still looks better than this. Make you people no forget say she take her time dress well to attend this naming ceremony because a lot of her colleagues also attended the after party and yet she is looking this bad. Na wetin come cause am wey the once good looking Mercy come look like this?... Hmmmmmmmm!  hehehehehe! You guess right. No be by force to marry, especially when you plan to tief persin husband, what do you expect? Mind you, if she look like this when the real wife is in far away abroad. What of if she is in Nigeria? By now Mercy go look like skeleton, and with all this signs the girl is moving on with her marriage. Na true  dem talk say common sense no common! But she belongs to the class wey believe say money can buy Love and Happiness. But those that are born in wealth and have seen real money knows that all the money in the world cannot buy you true Love, Happiness and peace of mind. For you people wey dey wonder why Amebor-Anjelar carry this matter for Ikebe, I yam jest doing my civil duty to avoid stories that touch. I sit down like you all dey watch the drama as it unfolds..                
2pics.. I can just Imagine what is going through the Mind of Tricia Esiegbe as Mercy Johnson explains this to her. And Benita Nzeribe might be going Try and convince yourself because you are definitely not convincing anyone with that fairytail stories of yours".lol
3rd Pics  Mercy flaked by Nollywood director Charles Novia and some other guy at the party


Anonymous said...

mercy Johnson is a desperado

Beautiful said...

I think its her decision and we all should leave her alone. Afterall, she's the one that will carry whatever comes out of the marriage alone be it joy or katakata. there's no need for all this IMHO.

sandy baby said...

it's a big LIE, she looks beautiful in all the pictures there, so i don't understand what u guys meaN THAT SHE LOOKS HAGGARD.

sandy baby said...

she looks so pretty in all the pictures,what u guys said is a big LIE.